Life Is What You Make Of It

It always amazes me how some people with disabilities make so much of their lives. Think of injures solders who have lost limbs and other paralympians. Or people who are blind and deaf or in other ways compromised.

Many of these people besides getting on with their lives, despite their adversity are often happy cheerful people, eager to help others.

Do you make the most of your life, are you happy and positive most of the time. Is your cup half full or half empty? do you notice sunsets with delight, enjoying the beautiful colours of the sky? O a rainbow, or the glorious rays of a sunrise creeping above the horizon. Or maybe the cozy heat of the fire on cold winter nights.

Or do you let set-backs or odd aches and pains get you down? My aged mother in her nineties is crippled with arthritis, she is losing her sight and is stone deaf. She is also living with tinnitus and is not so good on her feet but she lives alone in her flat and goes shopping with help and takes care of herself needing little help. Best of all she is always laughing, the slightest thing amuses her.

A few years ago she decided she was going to make the most of her life and stop being miserable when things got her down. The habit of finding sunshine in the darkest clouds has turned her life around. It is a joy to visit her.

I have had a difficult two years with illness and did let it get to me, I found it hard after a lifetime of excellent health to adapt and accept impairment. However I have decided this is the year nothing will stand in my way again! I will again work my hobby business raising it from the ashes.

I will also publish my book that has been languishing for months in a nearly finished state, I will get fit again, learn a language – supposed to protect one from dementia, and best of all start dancing again in the Spring!

Do you have things you would love to do, hobbies you would love to start, places you long to visit. Have you always wanted to start a business and earn some extra cash?

The fist step is the hardest, believe in yourself, seize the moment – Life is what you make of it. Do it NOW!

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